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QCAC is an international risk management, intellectual property protection and market research company dedicated to serving both international and Chinese enterprises.  We serve six business areas – one-stop brand services, brand IP rights protection, corporate security risk control, CFDA cosmetics registration, cultural brand communication & derivation, and IP exchange and licensing  between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

It is difficult for companies entering China to manage all the risks they might encounter on their own. QCAC provides strong risk control support.



Internal and External Brand Risk Control

(Comprehensive Brand Management)

Intellectual Property 

(Establishment, Distribution and Infringement)

Market Research

(Fair and Unfair Competition)

About us

We are one of the first and most experienced IP service providers in China. We have extensive governmental resources in both China and Japan, as well as an innovative, elite investigation team (specialized in handling difficult cases). We are familiar with the cultures, and ways of cooperation of international enterprises. Besides, we have been closely cooperating with famous Chinese and foreign law firms to provide enterprises with services such as brand strategy planning, risk control, protection, etc., as well as most providing forwarding, creative and powerful support.

Why choose us?

QCAC has gained rich investigation experience over 20 years, with an investigation team covering up to 38 markets and more than 20 types of products in China, capable of dealing with intricate, large cases of investigation. QCAC has a lawsuit team that cooperate with legal offices all over China, serving as needed by case. We have a close cooperation with government institutions. The QCAC legal department is trusted by authorities, e.g. Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration, the police, and municipal courts after 20-years practice lawsuit activities. Our success rate in cases of-distance reaches 95%. We have a team of international specialist and QCAC’s multilingual team coordinates accordingly with international clients. 

Over 20+ Business Years

Team of 130+ Investigators

Served 200 Clients in 20 Industries

95% Succes Rate for IPR Cases in Close Distance

Close Governmental Relationships

What can QCAC do for you?

We help foreign enterprises establish their brand in China. Our services consist of intellectual property, risk management, and market research. We have developed into a highly reliable and professional consulting company with a diversity of services, making use of our unique government and social resources, helping our customers operate in China, and providing strategic solutions in all challenges they might encounter. 

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