QCAC Starts with our values: Integrity, authenticity, Legality, Compliance, and a Customer First mentality.

QCAC Stands for

  • Quick
  • Commodity
  • Agent
  • Corporation

Our mission is to Build a Secure Environment for the Development of Chinese and Foreign Enterprises. At QCAC we believe that market safety improves the lives of everyone.

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of a business. To create the safe markets that we belive in, we know that Intellectual Property, in the form of brands, must be protected. So that is exactly what we do. We protect brands, no matter the industry, no matter the size. We protect brands at every level from every imaginable threat – from IP registration, to security, to risk management strategy and more (link to business areas).

About the founder:

Mr. David Pan (Pan Deshan), Executive Deputy President of China Anti-Infringement, Anti-Counterfeit Innovation Strategic Alliance (CAASA) and Honorary President of Hong Kong Private Detective Association, has been studying, investigating and monitoring strategic risks faced by international brands (enterprises) in China since 1998. For the past 20 years he has provided services for about 200 Japanese enterprises of all sizes from over 20 industries with extensive practical experiences in planning healthy Chinese operations for international brands, internal and external business risks of brands (enterprises), IP investigation, protection, etc. He has a forward-looking, innovative, strategic, practical, attitude.