Why is risk management neccesary?

  1. Business Secrets Disclosure
    • Product Details, Diagrams, Customer Information, Bidding Information, etc.
  2.  Due Dillegence
    • Corruption, embezzlement, etc.
  3. Quality Control Crises
    • Product Quality Problems
  4. Government Connection
    • Troubles in connecting to local government
  5. Credit
    • Partners forging business data
  6. Unfair Competetion
    • Infringement of trademarks & patent rights, etc.
  7. External Threats
    • Threats from former employees or external threats
  8. Insufficient Market Research
    • Insufficient Market Research and Big Data Analyst
  9. Legal Crisis
    • Target Hiding Properties, Forging Evidence, etc.

What can QCAC do for you?

At QCAC we are highly experienced in the field of risk management. We have a long history of helping clients’ through the use of warning-system building to minimalize the chance of internal and external risk. Furthermore, we also incorporate the use of strategic plotting thorough market investigation and the use of big data analysis. Finally, we also provide the service of investigation and management for internal and external risks.

Warning System

Our warning system makes use of highend German and American software institutions, through monitoring and software regulation we are able to build a risk-warning system. The methodology is through the use of building a warning system we are able to supervise, warn and eventually solve risks’ an enterprise might struggle against.


  • Specialists Team
    • Professionals from all related fields, such as former staffs of public prosecution, field investigators, public opinion surveillance professinals, legal and accounting consultants and data analysts.
  • Nationwide Info Network
    • Over 500 investgators with rich field investigation experience
  • Public Opinion Network
    • Capturing key information with big data analysis systems
  • Big Data Analysis System
    • Smart search + artificial search (search engines, social platforms, e-commerce platforms)

Analyzing the factors essential to the development of enterprises.

  • Warnings and Risk Control
    • Spotting risks that might cause a huge impact through investigations, give warnings in advance and seek solutions.
  • Business Compliance
    • Investigations on business corporations, insider corporations, and compliance, etc.
  • Background of cooperating/competing companies
    • Investigations on the background and relations of client or competitor companies.
  • Trade Secrets
    • Investigations on intellectual property rights and trade secret disclosures.


  • Investigation Before Lawsuits
    • Investigate and collect evidence of related companies and other entities before lawsuits so the lawsuits proceed smoothly.
  • Search and Tracing of Properties
    • Searching hidden properties, in addition to the sentenced compensation value.

Internal Investigation

Investigating general information of employees and reinforcing the operation and administration of companies through professional investigations.

  • Due Diligence & Compliance
    • About corruption, embezzlement, behind-the-scene transactions, forgery of contracts and other documents
  • Risks in Managing Positions
    • Due diligence investigation and risk evaluation on managing positions and senior employees, ensuring their responsibilities and authorities, workflow, etc.
  • Employees
    • Monitoring and investigating specific target employees in specific time periods in case of all sorts of issues.

Cooporation with Administrative Institutions

QCAC has positive relationships with government institutions of every level, to help international companies and Chinese national institutions reach friendly negotiations.