QCAC as a professional in intellectual property rights protection, is committed to thorough IPR protection including registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc., as well as the protection measures afterwards, and inspection of counterfeit products. With the Internet developing, information disseminating more easily, increasingly stronger protection is necessary to protect your brand.

It seems like infringement and counterfeit in the Chinese market are getting mitigated under the government’s reinforced IP regulations, while the truth is that they are going underground! The counterfeit outlets are adapting their factories to a highly mobile business model, especially those that have been previously investigated. With offline infringers, it is hard to figure out their locations and inventory size. With online infringers, you can only find fake addresses in their registered archives. Not only have the challenges faced by IP protection investigators increased, the counterfeiters have been able to expand their operations, thanks to their new mobilized strategies!

  • IP Registrations
    • Trademark, patent and copyright
  • Online Solutions
    • Investigations of online merchants and eradication.
  • Investigation of Markets, Stores and Warehouses
    • Investigations of merchants selling counterfeit goods, obtaining evidence of infringement, carrying out administrative and criminal prosecutions.
  • Factory Investigation
    • Investigation of counterfeit manufacturing factories, obtaining evidence of infringement, to carry out administrative and criminal prosecution.
  • Civil Lawsuit
    • We cooperate with law firms in 20 provinces and cities in China to initiate litigation when evidence is secured.
  • Customs
    • Registration and control through the customs


  • Trademark search and registration
  • Trademark evaluation
  • Trademark extension, transfer and change
  • Trademark de-registration, cancellation and certificate re-application
  • Trademark dispute / defense


  • Domestic and foreign patent applications
  • Replies to domestic and foreign patent examination notices
  • Patent review
  • Patent invalidation announcement request and defense


  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright de-registration
  • Change/supplementary registration
  • Certificate re-issuing/replacement