It is not possible to protect your company without knowing what threats you face. At QCAC, we have 20 years of expertise in detecting, identifying, and eliminating strategic threats to your brand. We leverage our vast knowledge of government procedures and in country network to ensure we provide customers with the highest quality data to drive decision making.


Our market research reports include the following sections:

Fair Competition

  • Overview of the Field
  • Your Market Share
  • Overview of Your Competitors
  • Our Strategies
  • # of manufacturers
  • Location of competition
  • Sales & output volume
  • Applied patents
  • Your market share
  • Competition analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions, sales, R&D Expenditure

Unfair competition

  • Counterfeit market
  • IP squatters
  • Industry counterfeit market
  • Competitor counterfeit market
  • Market order disruptions investigations
  • Counterfeit market
  • Volume of manufacture and sales (by industry)
  • Market share of counterfeiters
  • User insights
  • Supply chain and circulation pattern of fakes
  • Client and partner evaluations

Market order disruption

  • Malicious price reduction
  • OEM overproduction and sales
  • Licensing agreement violations
  • Unauthorized sale and distribution